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La Suite

Boutique Hotel

La Suite is the new boutique hotel in Tirana, Albania. The nuances of a boutique hotel are highlighted in its elegance and fastidious décor. At “La Suite” every room embodies both the harmony of iconic forms and bright textures of natural materials. Based on the history of transforming a family villa into a hotel with a set of rooms which are accessible to each other, only the French-speaking word ‘la suite’ would make sense. With the enthusiasm, charm and history embedded in this appointment, we got to work. Those who pay attention, will recognize the lines of the logo in the fixtures of the stairs and in the curve of the tables. Depending on the type of communication, the logo appears in different shapes and colors. They became part of the identity, including nametags, menus and stationery, but even, taking things a step further, in the aprons of the staff.